I am an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University. I work in the Mathematics, Genomics and Prediction in Infection and Evolution (MAGPIE) research group, and I am theme lead for analytics and data science at The Pacific Institute on Pathogens, Pandemics and Society (PIPPS). My research is mostly in infectious disease modelling and genomic epidemiology. I am interested in developing modelling methods that help us understand disease transmission and its population context, using tools from across math and statistics, and particularly using pathogen genomic data. Since 2020 I have been working on modelling of COVID-19, including a secondment to the BC Centre for Disease Control Mar-Dec 2020.

Originally from the UK, I received an MMath in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham, where I also completed my PhD in stochastic epidemic modelling. I worked with Prof.s Philip O'Neill and Theodore Kypraios on development of likelihood approximations for Bayesian computation of stochastic disease models. I moved to SFU in 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Caroline Colijn, before beginning my faculty position in 2022. I develop and teach the course 'Reconstructing Transmission with Genomic Data' alongside Caroline Colijn at the Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases (SISMID), University of Washington. Outside of research I enjoy hiking, vegetarian food, and skiing (badly!).

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